Below are just a few major areas of services we offer. If you would like further detail on any of these areas, or something that may not be listed below, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to provide more information.

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Force Engineering in Plainwell



Whether you are just looking to see what power your car currently makes, or trying to squeeze every bit of power out of it, we have what you need. We have a state of the art dyno, and offer a variety of tuning services.​ We offer straight dyno rental, or dyno rental coupled with tuning. We also offer tuning on multiple architectures ranging from Carburetors to Standalone EMS's.

More ifnormation on our Dyno and Tuning services can be found here

Dyno & Tuning

Looking for something more than just the basic bolt-ons, then look no further. Force Engineering is a full machine and fabrication shop. Our experience and attention to detail, along with our proven results really put us above and beyond the competition.

​Whether you are looking for Cylinder Head Work (in which we hand pick Valve Seat Angles to meet your needs), Porting work, Custom Exhausts, Intercooler Piping, among many other things, we have you covered. With our years of experience, rest assured that you will be getting a high quality product​!