MD-AWD-150 Series
Max Horsepower: 1,200 / 2,000-hp peak measurement capacity (2WD/AWD)
Max Absorption:
625-hp peak absorption (SE model)

Loading Device: Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (additional eddy current available)
Torque Measurement Device: Strain Gauge Type Dynamic Load Cell. Provides closed loop control signal for dynamic vehicle loading.
Max Speed: 175-mph (2WD) / 155-mph (AWD)
Precision machined and dynamically balanced, knurled rolls

Belted for bi-directional capability

8.525” diameter balanced rolls
30” inner track width
86” outer track width
96-122” standard wheelbase (longer wheelbase available)

Side-to-side coupled roller to prevent damage to traction control systems

DYNO & tuning


Force Engineering Dyno Tuning


165 10th St, Plainwell, MI 49080, United States

Force Engineering is a well known and respected auto repair facility in the Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan area. We are known for our honesty and professional auto repair services that our staff and mechanics provide to our customers.  Each team member in our shop takes pride in the excellent reputation we are fortunate to have developed with our customers. Our shop is grateful that our customers repeatedly choose us for their auto repair and service needs and frequently send their friends and family to our Force Engineering for their auto repair and service needs as well.

Each expert mechanic on our team understands that the very thought of getting anautomobile repaired can make most people nervous. For those who are not saavy about auto repair or are uncertain whether or not the correct repairs are being performed on your automobile our repair shop is the perfect place for you because we will take the time to explain your repairs.



2WD/AWD Hourly Dyno Rental: (1 Hour Minimum, Tuning Allowed)
First hour- $170
Additional- $150
Daily Rental(Dyno Day, Personal Tuning, ect)- $1100 for 8 hours($10 strap fee per car)

No Tuning power pulls(3 pulls)- $200

2WD/AWD Hourly Tuning Rates: (1 Hour Minimum)
Carburetor- $215 an hour

We have been tuning carb setups for over 30 years. We are extremely experienced with almost every setup possible. We tune circle track cars, street cars, and all out drag cars.

DSMlink/ECMlink - $650 flat rate. Addition $150 an hour after 3 hours if needed.

We are extremely experienced with DSMlink/ECMlink tuning. We have been using this engine management system for over 4 years and can tune the most simple setup to full out drag cars. The cars tune will be perfected for maximum horsepower and reliability along with drive ability, idle, and part throttle/tip in.

Standalone EMS - Megasquirt, Haltech or other)- $250 an hour. 

Hp Tuners

We offer tuning with Hp tuners for a GM and Ford factory equipped vehicles.  This includes your LS or Coyote swapped classic car running factory ECUs.  These tunes start at $650 + the require credits for HP Tuners (usually 2).  Anything more than 4 hours is $150/hr.

Expedited tuning service

We are now offering an Expedited tuning service for $350 per hour.  We can typically get you in and tuned within 2 weeks rather than waiting till our next available opening which is normally 6-8 weeks during the summer.